Brazil: Crème de Papaya

Crème de Papaya is a major dessert in Brazil and one of the oldest- 1980’s. It is made out of Papaya, Ice Cream and Crème de Cassis. Brazil is one of the major exporters of Papaya so it’s not surprising that this is a major dessert. However, there are many other new desserts but this can be found on most Brazilian menus. Continue reading



It was a beautiful day in Summer and this time I was in Barcelona with two of my friends. We had explored the port and needed a break from sight seeing so we went to this pretty restaurant called El-Tinglado which was very homely and had this IKEA kitchen/living room set up going on. Colorful pillows, plants and  beautiful lamps. We ordered 3 different meals so we could try each one out. I am a travel foodie and I love trying new cuisines. The Paella, Lobster and Sea Bass were on fleek!!. When in Barcelona visit El-Tinglado. Continue reading