Ibiza on a Budget

Ibiza is an island known for partying and its nightlife. If you love partying I am sure this is a top destination on your list. It is also known as the luxury lifestyle destination for celebrities .  Based on my personal experience, everything in Ibiza involves money. Continue reading


Summer in Ibiza

IBIZA….IBITHA- Spanish people pronounce the ‘z’ as  ‘th’.

Welcome on board Ryan air flight 0000 and please drop all your worries because you’re going to the land of HAPPINESS!! Continue reading


It was a beautiful day in Summer and this time I was in Barcelona with two of my friends. We had explored the port and needed a break from sight seeing so we went to this pretty restaurant called El-Tinglado which was very homely and had this IKEA kitchen/living room set up going on. Colorful pillows, plants and  beautiful lamps. We ordered 3 different meals so we could try each one out. I am a travel foodie and I love trying new cuisines. The Paella, Lobster and Sea Bass were on fleek!!. When in Barcelona visit El-Tinglado. Continue reading