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Surreal. That would probably be the one word I can use to sum up my trip to India. The main purpose of the trip was to help two friends celebrate their wedding (shout out to Nitya and Shoumyo). It was my first time going to an Indian wedding. Although I had heard what to expect, actually going through one was a different story. Continue reading


Sikemi Ifederu:3 Days in Dubai- Travelling with my Grandma.

Dubai is one destination I actually never plan to visit but I always find myself there. I always make the best of it and explore a bit during layovers.

My Grandma and I decided to take a trip to Dubai in February . We left Nigeria on Sunday night and arrived in Dubai early hours of the day. We slept for like 4 hours and we hit the streets *tears*. Continue reading

Warami Eresanara: Thoughts on my Trip to China- Part 2.

As Confucius once said, “Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand.” China was a great experience for me because I learned a lot. I learned a lot from the diversity of the group; having both business and engineering majors as well as computer science and social work in the mix helped broaden my view. Although diversity in the academic area was key, I also learned a lot from just interacting with the group on a social level. From my interactions with both my group and with the native Chinese people, I came to better understand that our similarities and differences are what make us who we are. We are not defined by these characteristics (similarities and differences), but they are what allow us to understand and live with each other more harmoniously. Continue reading

Warami Eresanara: Visiting China!

I graduated from College (University) in 2015 and sadly I haven’t had the time to go anywhere because of work. Writing about a trip I took to China during my time in College (January 2015) brings back so many memories. I don’t know that I remember the trip in great detail, but I will try my best to be as accurate as possible.

Before I proceed, I would like to inform you that my trip was as much an educational trip as it was a fun one; which essentially means that I went to China with my school (for a class) but I still had a lot of fun!

I am going to be dividing this post into two parts; the first will be about all the provinces we went to and the places we visited while we were there, and the second will be more of my reflections/ thoughts about my time in China. I would also like you to know that although I will be highlighting some similarities and differences between China and America I will try my best to be gracious.

Continue reading

Feyikewa Animashaun: Crossing the border of Thailand to Cambodia.

Crossing the border of Thailand to Cambodia by bus was an adventure in its self. The buses are not allowed to go beyond a certain point when you get to the border so we had to walk the rest of the way. Imagine carrying a 60 litre backpack in the scorching sun, waiting for a fed up looking Cambodian to check your passport and visa. I digress, because the real adventure started once I got to the city of Siem Reap, home to the beautiful Ankor Wat temple. The temple among tourists is famous for its breath taking sunrise experience. As a result I got up at 4 o’clock to catch the sunrise and it was worth it. I had never seen so many different colours in the sky and the temple was such an amazing backdrop. Continue reading