Aaliyah Jackson: Best Things To Do In Marrakech, Morocco.

Here is a guide to the best things to do in Marrakech.

1. Jardin Majorelle – YSL Gardens

This was a must-go for me. Its vibrant blue and yellow villa was a beauty in real life. Here you can admire the beautiful nature that surrounds the garden, comprising of various plants and flowers. You can also appreciate the Berber artefacts inside the villa along with the African songbirds Continue reading


Oyin Ola: The Do’s and Don’ts when in Morocco!

So it was my 21st Birthday in June and those that know me know I like to do things differently each year. I’ve recently caught the travel bug and so it seemed ideal that I celebrate this milestone abroad. I knew I wanted to go somewhere in the Arab world that was affordable and so I decided on Morocco.

It was an interesting trip in all however it had it’s lows due to certain choices that I made. So this post will talk reflect a bit on the dos and don’ts when in Morocco! Continue reading

Fola Olowu: The Moroccan Experience.

My friends and I decided to go for a weekend break to Marrakech in Morocco for my 21st. We got there on Friday morning and as soon as we got to our hotel we dropped our bags and set out even though we had no idea where we were going.  It was really hard to read the maps as the roads were not tarred and the road to the market was basically like walking in a village. Anyway with the help of people on the road, we found our way to the square and inside the market even though they made us pay them at the end of the day. Continue reading