Shide Ugbaje: Paradise in Mykonos, Greece

My friends and I travelled to Mykonos, Greece for our friends’ birthday. The beginning of the trip was a bit rocky, from almost missing the flight, to forgotten passports, but the beautiful town of Mykonos made up for it. Since it was our friends’ birthday an itinerary was planned for us, which made the trip a lot more organised. Continue reading


Lamide Akintobi: 6 Days of Bliss in Tanzania.

Tanzania was my favorite trip of 2015. In 6 days, I got to experience a different side of Africa, especially as I’d never been to East Africa before. From the people – smart, hospitable, cheerful, and extremely kind, to the places – lush, scenic, beautiful, busy in the city, calm by the seaside, I left feeling refreshed and happy. Continue reading