Fola Olowu: The Moroccan Experience.

My friends and I decided to go for a weekend break to Marrakech in Morocco for my 21st. We got there on Friday morning and as soon as we got to our hotel we dropped our bags and set out even though we had no idea where we were going.  It was really hard to read the maps as the roads were not tarred and the road to the market was basically like walking in a village. Anyway with the help of people on the road, we found our way to the square and inside the market even though they made us pay them at the end of the day.

Firstly we started off with the search of the famous Moroccan Argan Oil . Now since this was an African market I was ready to haggle to the lowest price possible. We got Jalabias, Scarfs and Argan Oils at prices which we thought, note I said” thought” were amazing prices. So we got a Jalabia from 800 dirhams to 200 dirhams, Scarfs from 350 to 100 and so on. Later on, we went to the market square where they had local restaurants, more stalls and a sort of a show in the middle of the square. Locals would gather round and dance with snakes and monkeys and play music all night including local old women doing henna for people around the square. We found an Italian restaurant to eat and had some pasta and pizza .


Now it was time to head back home and I honestly do not know how we thought we were going to find our way home, there were no taxis out of the market place. We ran into a cute guy called Jamal who we initially ignored. We thought he was going to ask for money. However, he offered to take us back just doing us a nice favour as tourists. As my friend Adunni was the only one that could speak French, she translated most of the time. Jamal took us to a place where we could book for Camel riding and quad biking for Saturday


On Saturday we set out early, as I still wanted to go to the markets but we also had to be at the square by 1pm to go camel riding which was in the Palmeras. It was about a 30 to 45 minutes drive from town. As soon as we got there, there was an old man who dressed us up and you could pick whatever local attire you wanted. I just wanted the scarf to be honest. He wrapped me up in the scarf and put me up on the Camel. Just note I had never been horse or camel riding before and this was the most bittersweet ride ever lol. My thighs hurt as hell but the 40 minute ride was soo much fun. We got back to town and decided to try some of their kfc, if you live in Lagos, Nigeria you know kfc is rather different from the one in London and obviously this was just as different. We rushed home after this because we had a reservation at the Comptoir Darna for my 21st dinner. This was a five star restaurant and Club. The food was amazing and honestly it was 10/10.  The rest of the night was bliss.


FullSizeRender (1)



Atlas Mountains

Obviously we had to try out their nightlife so we looked up clubs and decided it was either 555 or Theatro. We went with 555 and it was just like a clubbing night in Lagos if you know what I mean. Music was on point had the mixture of Afro beats, house and hip hop. Although they were rather strict. They didn’t allow us snapchat 😂. Anyway we got back to the hotel around 6am.



On Sunday we had a sleep in . I especially had the worst hangover. But it was our last full day and we still needed to go to the markets. Anyway I set off en route to the square, on our way there we booked a Moroccan bath and massage at the spa. We definitely couldn’t leave without getting cleansed lol. We ended up finding Jalabias for 50 dirhams. Remember when I said we ” thought” we had haggled well? Lol . Anyway I bought a couple more and then we found a place to get henna done. We got to the hammam (the local spa) around 5pm and this was the most peaceful awkward experience ever. Peaceful, seeing as they’re bathing you in Argan Oil and black soap and literally massaging your body at the same time. Awkward, because your completely naked and you have a woman just oversmiling at you while she scrubs your body.


Morocco was honestly an amazing experience, full of laughter and nice deceitful people. I only wish, we could have spent longer as I still wanted to see the Jardin de Majorelle ( YSL gardens ) and a lot of other tourist sites but I would definitely be going there again.


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